Welcome to Asian American Association Telecom Services (AAATS) Local Service. We are glad to have you as a customer and we are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction. We offer a wide selection of calling features for you to choose from, all of them designed to make your Asian American Association Telecom Services Local Service as convenient as possible. We have many additional products available. Please call our Customer Service department for details.


Asian American Association Telecom Services Customer Service (AAATS)

For information and assistance regarding AAATS bill or telephone service, please call our Customer Service Department.

Customer Service Department: 1-888-888-8881

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   Press 3 for Mandarin
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911 Emergency Service

For Emergencies in which there is immediate danger of life, health, or property, dial 911. For non-emergency situations, please contact your local police, fire department, or medical authorities at the number listed in your phone book.

Specialized Directory Listings

"Non-listed" numbers are not listed in the phone book but are available through Directory Assistance. "Non-published" numbers are not available in the phone book or through Directory Assistance. Additional charges may apply.

Web Site Address

For more information about services, visit our website at http://www.aaats.com

Blocking Access to 900/976 Information Services

Asian American Association Telecom Services will block access to 900/976 pay-per-call telephone information services at the time of your order. The service is provided free of charge to residential customers. AAATS may impose a charge if the customer asks for deactivation of blocking.


With Asian American Association Telecom Services, you can call virtually anywhere in the world. AAATS’ call types are determined first by mileage, second by LATA, then by State and National boundaries. The following chart depicts AAATS’ call types and how each is determined.

Call Type Determination Description
Local Call 0-8 miles Zone 1
Local Call 9-12 miles Zone 2
Local Call 13-16 miles Zone 3
Local Call 17+ miles, within LATA IntraLATA toll
Intra-State 17+ miles, outside LATA Intra-State
Inter-State outside State Inter-State
International outside Country International

Lifeline Service and Special Needs

Lifeline Service is a program that reduces certain charges for qualified, low-income households. This service is available to qualified Asian American Association Telecom Services Local Service Customers who submit a Lifeline certification application.

For customers who are visually or physically impaired, Asian American Association Telecom Services has Deaf and Disabled Program. This provides eligible customers with an "allowance of calls" using Directory and Operator assistance. Depending on the state you live, certain requirements may apply.


Upon the use of the Service or you paying any charges relating to the Service, you are indicating your agreement to be bound by all the provisions of these terms and conditions (the Service Agreement).

a. Description of Service

Asian American Association Telecom Services furnishes one-way and/or two-way communications service between points within the State of New York or California pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in AAATS’ tariff filed with the State’s Public Service Commission. Service is offered for local and long distance calling. Services is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week and is subject to the availability of necessary service, equipment and facilities and the economic feasibility of providing such necessary service, equipment and facilities. Services are offered via AAATS’ facilities whether owned, leased or under contract) in combination with resold services provided by other certificated carriers.

Service Agreement

AAATS will provide Service to you on a month-by-month basis. The Service ordered by you is a combined Local service Product and Long Distance Service Product. The Local Service Product and Long Distance Service Product cannot be separated. The rates and fees are based on the continued subscription to both the Local Service Product and Long Distance Service Product together. See Cancellation policy below for further explanation.

b. Limitations of liability

Asian American Association Telecom Services will not be liable for service Interruptions or failures or any other problems associated with service caused by or arising from circumstances beyond its control. This includes, without limitation, acts of God, fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, or other catastrophes; national emergencies, insurrections, riots, war or other civil commotions; strikes, lockouts, work stoppage or other labor difficulties; criminal actions taken against AAATS; unavailability, failure or malfunction of equipment or facilities provided by the customer or third parties; and any law, order, regulation or action of any governing authority or agency.

c. Cancellation of Service

Cancellation of either service product by you or service switching requests by any third party will result in AAATS canceling all services relating to this Service Agreement. In other words, if either the Local Service Product or the Long Distance Service Product are switched away, we will terminate this Service Agreement between you and AAATS and disconnect all services. Upon cancellation of Local Service Product and/or Long Distance Service Product, AAATS will have no obligation to provide local dial tone or long distance service.

You acknowledge and accept full responsibility for your own phone line upon cancellation including the ability to place local and long distance calls. AAATS will not be liable for Service interruptions or failures or any other problems associated with the cancellation of your service.

Write: AAATS
P. O. Box 948
Rosemead, CA 91770

Fax: (626) 582-1339

AAATS may discontinue Service or cancel an order for Service upon written notice without incurring any liability for any of the following reasons; a) non-payment of any sum past due to AAATS for Service; b) a violation by the customer of any law, rule, or regulation of any governing authority having jurisdiction over the Service; c) by order of a court or other government or quasi governmental authority having such jurisdiction; d) in the event service charges exceed the amount of any deposit that AAATS may have required.

d. Payment for Service/Late fee charge

You agree to pay all applicable charges of the service in full on the date due, including any usage, monthly service charges, any applicable taxes, surcharges, and Universal Service Fund fees (USF). Customer payments are considered prompt when received by AAATS or authorized agent by the Due Date on the bill. AAATS will credit payments within one business day of receipt. If any portion of the payment is received by the AAATS, after the date due or if any portion of the payment is received by AAATS in funds, which are not immediately available upon presentment, then a Late Payment Penalty shall be due to AAATS. The Late Payment Penalty shall be the portion of the payment not received by the due date multiplied by 1.5% per month or the maximum allowable under the law. A thirty ($30.00) charge will be applied for each check that is refused to be honored by a financial institution.


Switching your telecommunications company without your permission is called "slamming." It is illegal because it violates your right to choose. To "freeze" your local, long distance, or local toll account to prevent it from being switched without your consent, call our Customer Service Department, toll-free, at 1-877-638-7368.


International Mobile phone rates might differ from international landline rates. Please call our Customer Service Department to get appropriate rate information on your calling plan.


For a fee AAATS will provide coverage for Service and Repairs for customers who are enrolled in the AAATS Wiring Pan. The plan covers all existing inside wiring and jacks in your home. Doesn’t cover any new installation of jacks or wiring. Customers who have not enrolled in the AAATS Wiring Plan will be responsible for the full cost of the repairs and service, in the event such service and repairs are needed.